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Kris Wachtl is an swiss based polish abstract  artists who studied as an engineer and his career has always been focused on data processing. From a young age, Kris found solace in expressing his passions and desires through the medium of paint, using abstraction as a means to explore the boundaries of the human experience. For Kris, abstract art is not simply a means of expression, but a way of life. Through his work, he seeks to break down the barriers between the self and the world, inviting the viewer to explore the deeper truths that lie beyond the surface of things. His paintings are a meditation on the nature of existence, a journey into the heart of the human experience. With each stroke of the brush, Kris is striving to create a new language of abstraction, one that speaks directly to the soul. His art is a reflection of the world around us, an invitation to look beyond the superficial and explore the deeper truths that lie within us all.


Group exhibitions

  • 2021
    M.A.D.S International Contemporary Art exhibition - "Sacrifice" art exhibition / Milan, Italy - Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

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